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About the Library Advocacy Day and Workshop

Presentations from the Advocacy Day:

Strong Libraries Need Strong Leaders – What We Believe : Deborah Jacobs, Global Libraries 

Advocacy Workshop : Elvira Lapuz and Christine Mackenzie 

Click here for the Program 


The Pacific Libraries Sustainable Development Goals Advocacy Day and Workshop brought  library practitioners from the Pacific  region  together with INELI Oceania innovators to equip them with the skills and confidence as advocates for the role of public libraries and librarians and their contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

The Objectives of the Advocacy Day and Workshop were to:

  1. Advocate the importance of public libraries in building sustainable communities and supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals, eg. education, innovation, informed citizenship

  2. Understand the opportunities for libraries to contribute to the SDGs and how to advocate for library services

  3. Inspire, motivate and equip Pacific library practitioners for leadership and innovation

  4. Build and strengthen a supportive network of Pacific library leaders, practitioners and stakeholders

  5. The development of a South Pacific Libraries Call to Action document for presentation to the Pacific influencers who will attend on the following day. 

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