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Here are the bio details for those attending the Advocacy Workshop 

Teewata Aromata - Chief Librarian and Archivist, Kiribati National Library (Kiribati)


Kam na bane ni mauri.  Hello to everyone.

My name is Teewata Aromata and I have been working in different types of Libraries. I started my career as a Primary School Teacher, while teaching I underwent my library extension courses with University of the South Pacific. Then I started working as a School Librarian for 6 years. I then went to Australia at Swinburne University of Technology for further Library studies for 2 years.

Upon return in 2000, I started working as a Librarian at University of the South Pacific until 2017. January this year, I took up the position of a Chief Librarian and Archivist for the Kiribati within the Ministry of Education.
I acknowledge Leneve Jamieson and her team from ALIA Australia for such a wonderful program for Librarians in the Pacific and get together to share ideas and develop library services to assist each other to work together to achieve the SDG in Oceania.

Temauri Teraoi Tetabomoa. Health Peace and Prosperity.

Christophe Augias Director at Bibliothèque Bernheim New Caledonia Libraries

New Caledonia

I am currently working as the director of the Bernheim Library, New Caledonia’s territorial library. We collect and preserve the legal deposit in partnership with the French National Library. Bernheim is also the head of a computerized network of 20 libraries on the islands and maintains a centralized library management system shared freely with these libraries. We run three main libraries located in the capital city and on the northwest and northeast coasts, as well as two small libraries in small tribal villages.

I was trained at the ENSSIB (French National Superior School of Library and Information Sciences) in 2000-2001 and have a national diploma as a curator.

My free time is devoted to travelling, culture, hard rocking music and growing hot chili peppers. I do enjoy fishing, as you need something to cook the peppers with.

Clara Bohrer – Past President, Public Libraries Association, American Libraries Association


Clara N. Bohrer is a past-president of the Public Library Association (PLA) and currently serves as chair of PLA’s Budget and Finance Committee.  She has been involved with PLA’s Every Child Ready to Read since its inception, an initiative which changed practice in U.S. public libraries around early literacy services.  She also currently serves as Chair of PLA’s Task Force on Family Engagement.

Clara is the Director of the West Bloomfield Township Public Library in Michigan (USA). 

The WBTPL was awarded the 2010 National Medal by the Institute for Museum and Library Services recognizing its efforts around community engagement, workforce development, and early literacy services. The National Medal is the nation’s highest honor for libraries. 


During her term as PLA president, she was invited to the first official meeting between the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and representatives of the Public Library Association to discuss advocacy.  That meeting and through the support of the Gates Foundation led to Turning the Page, a successful advocacy tool which has been used by public libraries across the United States and various parts of the world.

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